Our Week’s Best Indie Acts Offer Something for Every Listener

High Tropics – “Vodka Soda”

We have covered this act for awhile now, but with “Vodka Soda”, the act are at their best. The upbeat alt pop style here is highly contagious. Emotive and endearing, the act have only been existence for a moment, but it has been long enough for them to gather some impressive publicity clippings. Lyrically, it reminds us of Springsteen and Brandon Flowers. There is a beautiful longing, tinged with a hopeful sound. This is a formula that cannot miss.

Nathan Graham – “Somebody Else”

This one gives us all the feels. Soulful and altogether lovely, the blues touched sound has talent to spare. We would be hard pressed to find anyone who heard this and not immediately smile. We don’t typically cover a lot in this space, but damn, it’s so good. We are reminded of modern acts like St.Paul and the Broken Bones, Marcus King, and Gary Clark Jr. when we hear them. But Graham is a little more paced, taking his time with intention. The end result is something truly special.

Many Places – “Ever Shining”

As a Midwesterner, we notice others who share our territory. Something in Many Places screams of the cold Midwest in sound and posture. Even amongst their post punk style, the band conveys a real heart and passion that sometimes the genre is lacking. While having an Interpol sensibility, the act experiments with bold sonic choices a la psych and horns. Many Places are a seasoned band who is tight and not lacking on talent. They are an exemplary working class band who deserve recognition.

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