Under the Radar Rock Acts

Foreign Fields – “Damages”

This songwriting duo craft a dreamy sound on “Damages”. This makes sense as the background for the track comes from a dream during a time of personal strain for the artist. It feels ethereal with its recording process and combustible climax, before ending with a hopeful line “I guess I’ll be alright, as the damages subsides”. The Wisconsin act have a mature and earnest style worthy of praise. Their creatively expressive indie folk is reminiscent of fellow Wisconsin act Bon Iver and we think a lot of listeners will love and relate to this one.

Bikethrasher – “Hillside”

This Boston act has some throwback ’90’s rock vibes we love. Leaning into an early Smashing Pumpkins mixed with a punk style ethos, the act really open up their rock sound as “Hillside” progresses. The drums and explosive guitar tone makes it a solid burner of a track. Crunchy and loud, the act are everything we love about modern alt rock. Fans of these acts and Foo Fighters will definitely fall over themselves to listen to more.

Arabella and the Heist – “1769”

Combustible. Energetic. Explosive. All great ways to describe this one. We could speak for days about this criminally short punk infused track but believe it is better to be heard and absorbed. “We wanted to write a track that felt like a night out in Melbourne, and we wanted to build that energy and tension,” states the band about the track, which is named after a brand of wine. We love the Aussie rage machines and cannot wait to hear more as the spirit of punk never dies and is due for a continued reinvention and renaissance with Arabella and the Heist being at the forefront.

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