Something for Everyone: Rock that Demands Your Attention

Rose Hotel: “Drown”

There are two artists we think of when we hear this incredible new rock act. First, vocally we hear Courtney Barnett. While the group shares vocal similarities, the wordplay is just as compelling and rich. “Drown” is an undeniably cool sounding track, but it also speaks of mental illness and family trauma. It is wonderfully layered, but easy to look past because of such a compelling New York cool rock style (although the act are from Atlanta). Secondly, we are reminded of one of our all time favorites, The Dandy Warhols. Both acts blend so many different sounds and personas while still having a kick ass cool that makes listeners envious. Rose Hotel are probably our favorite new rock act and love their style.

Maudlin Strangers: “Silver Stain”

We have covered Maudlin Strangers before and are geeked to do so again. The LA act continue to create compelling art that demands a few dozen spins (or streams). Leaning into an Arctic Monkeys style indie rock, the group craft a unique blend of sounds we dig. “Silver Stain” is a little slower, like a dance in a smoke filled basement club. It is a perfect speed for a late night drive or chill session. This act never ceases to surprise us and we are excited that they are continuing to gain support slots for the likes of Cold War Kids and Bad Suns. They deserve your attention.


While U2 can be a divisive act at times – a line in the sand for those who love anthemic rock and those who prefer more sensible indie acts – we think they are a good place to start when discussing MYFEVER. The modern rock three-piece has a large rock sound and confident vocals that would sound great in a stadium but they also have indie credentials. The act seemingly do the impossible with their talent to bring rock and pop fans together. Their sound alone is creative and transcendent, but their personal lyrics strike us in the feels in a way that speaks of their immense talent. Many will like this great act.

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