We are always willing to give a new band a listen.  After all, that’s what we do!

However, we get quite a few submissions and will try to get to them in a timely fashion.  Please also remember that we will be true to our job and reserve the right to say if we do not like a particular album/song/band.

Due to the incredible number of submissions we’ve been receiving, we now require all submissions come through SubmitHub. 

All submissions must come through www.submithub.com now.  Log in there (it’s free) and select EarToTheGround Music as one of the locations to send your music.  There is a premium option there, but we can still hear your music with the free submission option.

**We are no longer accepting submissions via email or Facebook inbox.

Good news!  We are once again able to accept physical submissions.  Please send vinyl, CDs, merch, and swag to:

EarToTheGround Music
1872 Hillsdale Dr.
Twinsburg, OH 44087

*Please note, due to outstanding costs, we cannot return physical submissions.  Please note that if we do not feature your submission, we will donate it.  We will not sell your work to generate profits for ourselves. 

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  1. Tips on How to Submit to a Music Blog | Ear To The Ground Music

  2. Nate Baker


    Thanks for the opportunity to submit my music. I found your site through 20 Questions Film. I’m an independent folk / Americana songwriter from Indiana living in San Francisco. My favorite songwriters are Jason Isbell, Ryan Adams (Matt Simon are you reading? : ), Townes Van Zandt, Bobby Charles and John Prine. My first LP, One Day In May, is coming out next month (already available digitally).

    I hope you have a chance to check out my site and my songs!



    • admin Post author

      Nate – Thanks so much for the note.

  3. Andrew

    Hey guys!

    Just a heads up I tried submitting an inquiry just now and for some reason I keep getting an error message “Genre Required”, but the genre is selected. I tried multiple times. I’ll make sure to submit to eartothegroundmusicblog@gmail.com – thanks for your time!

    • admin Post author

      Sorry for the inconvenience, Andrew. We fixed the check box. Please give it another try and we’ll get you in the system.

  4. Shane Guse

    I am trying to submit music via your submission form, but it will not read my genre selection (no matter what I select) and therefore will not complete the submission. It must be a glitch in the programming. Would love to submit. Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon.

    • admin Post author

      Sorry for the inconvenience, Shane. We fixed the check box. Please give it another try and we’ll get you in the system.

  5. Joey

    Hey Guys – Happy Monday! I just want to say this blog is bomb.com I’ve been stuck on it for like the past hour. Really appreciate the focus of this blog on acoustic/folk driven music! I signed up for a lot of the email categories. Keep it up! I also submitted our band and our new album, All the Islands, “Modern Man” to you guys. Thanks in advance for checking it out.

  6. Zander

    Hello. Recently Matt Simon emailed me feedback via submithub, and while I generally ignore feedback, he said something I thought was interesting and I’d like to ask a question in the spirit of talking about music and lyrics. Couldn’t find your contact info so I’m posting here.
    If you have the time I’d love to talk more and ask a question. Thank you!

    • admin Post author

      Would love to discuss this further. We are on the SH chat, or you can email us at eartothegroundmusicblog@gmail.com

      Thanks for reaching out!

  7. Heath Hardin

    quiet folk in the vein of John fahey, ryan adams and nick drake. free.

    there is a story there as well…art.

  8. Nick Howrey


    My son, now 21, moved to LA 10 months ago trying to do the music career. He writes, sings, plays guitar and piano. http://www.nickhowrey.com. He needs and deserves a break. He’s bright, funny, passionate, unique voice, poetic lyrics of deep meaning. He’s been performing for 11 years, writing music for 8. He’s the real deal. Lives right in Hollywood. I came across your site as Emily James is the daughter of a friend of my brother’s in Dallas. Great stuff. Give Nick a listen. His contact info is below.