Dreamy and Expressive New Talent

Juno Roome – “Think You’re Falling”

“Think You’re Falling” has an unescapable hip shaking ability we could not ignore. The bass is especially groovy, while the vocals are the perfect amount of smooth. We classify this track in its own category; indie dream, although it is accessible to anyone who loves great music. The way the artist crafts a restrained lo fi sound speaks of an artist in the pocket of their talent, confidence, and maturity. We were pleasantly surprised by Juno Roome and cannot wait to hear more.

The Lostines: “Neon Lights”

“Neon Lights” has a wonderfully whimsical talent that carries our ears through some of our favorite genres. The keys blend well with the guitar, making a classic sound fit for the beach. The shared vocals are a nice touch and blend beautifully. There is a great laidback rock vibe, with a gentle nod to folk sensibility. All this to say, we could listen to this track on repeat for a day of driving the sun drenched highways of California . . . or Ohio.

Bess Atwell: “Fan Favourite”

Bess Atwell has been an admirable talent for quite awhile, and with her latest release, she left us stunned. Her beautiful arrangement is showcased with a unique vocal quiver. Lyrically, “Fan Favourite” is expressive and rich with life experience. Dream-like might be an overused description, yet if it fits any artist, it is Bess Atwell. Ethereal and emotive, it is no surprise her latest release found help with the production of Aaron Dessner. We are excited for the new music and think it will continue to expose her to a larger and well-deserved fanbase.

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