EarToTheGround Music features emerging artists primarily in the folk, indie rock, and roots music scenes.  The site has album reviews, artist interviews, and artist spotlights featuring a number of lesser-known musicians.  It is the purpose of the site to curate the digital music world, helping artists find an audience and music fans find exceptional, high-quality music.

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Greg Jones (Co-Owner, Co-Editor)- Greg is a lifelong musician and music lover from western Pennsylvania, currently living in Ohio.  He’s an avid fan of great harmonies and vocal blending.  He mostly writes about acoustic, folk, and roots country artists.  His most important personal music interests include Eagles, Larry Norman, Relient K, and Good Old War.  Always looking for the next great harmony band, Greg is particularly interested in your cousin’s band if they sound like CSNY.

Matt Simon (Co-Owner, Co-Editor) – is passionate about showing the next generation what they are missing by listening to the radio. He was raised on classic rock and Neil Diamond, though his tastes have expanded greatly since. It is his strongly held belief that the Midwest produces everything good in this world and will gladly discuss that fact over coffee. All the major events in his life have a soundtrack attached to it like an audio scrapbook. He loves to listen to the likes of Ryan Adams and Frank Turner; wishes he was as cool as Josh Homme, and still foolishly believes that Led Zeppelin will reunite. He resides near Cleveland, Ohio.

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  1. Orecchio alla terra

  2. Chelsey

    Hello there,

    My name is Chelsey and I am a huge fan of your work and the artistry that goes into it. I am currently learning how to play the acoustic guitar and it would be a pleasure if I could play your song Every Other Sunday Morning but I can not seem to find the chords on the internet, so is there any possible way someone could email me the chords so I could learn to play. It would be awesome playing the song.

    Thank-you for taking your time to read this:
    Chelsey Eckhard

    • admin Post author


      We are not artists. We’re bloggers. Best of luck finding the band you intended to find.

      All the best,
      Greg @ETTG

  3. Ollie Wolfe

    Love your homepage and musical choices you make. Would love to suscribe to your instagram site. Can‘t find your account.

  4. Elmer Hawkes

    Would it be possible to submit a new folk-styled album of original songs for review? Thank you Elmer Hawkes Cambridge

    • admin Post author

      Please check the submissions page for details on how to do that, but yes we accept submissions.

  5. rd bishop

    i need my music to be published

    • admin Post author

      Sorry we are not music publishers. We’re just bloggers. Good luck with your music, though.

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