Three rock tracks to hype up this new week

Elephant Castle – “French Food”
-When I think of indie rock, this is the type of sound I almost always envision. The percussion drives the sound, but there are some really fascinating textures from the guitars and keys that create a whole vibe. The energy feels like it’s ready for a college party or something. The vocals are really well done, especially with the harmonies. It’s a simple lyrical core that serves to deliver a tasty indie rock dish. This one’s going to find its way onto some good playlists, I’m sure.

Sweet Pill – “Sweet talk”
-The lyrics of this track are about nostalgic memories of being with a former friend/lover. The guitar work on this track is really outstanding. The lines are blurred between punk and straightforward indie rock in some really fun ways. I appreciate the quick hitting lyrical lines followed by some vocal and guitar breaks. It really reminds me of a sound that I found really palatable back in the late 90s with the rise of pop punk into the mainstream. The beauty is in the simplicity combined with chaotic energy. I dig it.

Civic Green – “A million little pieces”
-The official category for this track is alt rock and I’m happy to support that. The vocal fits really nicely into the pocket of the mix here. The lyrics are understandable. I appreciate the big rock swells on the chorus. It’s perfect to sing out with a bunch of folks at a live show or festival. The easy comparison is Oasis, but I think Civic Green deserve their own credit. The sound is snappy, interesting, and… maybe most appealing to me… has a sing-along quality that makes me want to share it with people. You should share it with your friends as well.

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