ØZWALD Continues to Impress

ØZWALD – “Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used to”

We would be hard pressed to find any more prolific indie rock act than this duo. With the enviable ambition to release two LP’s a year, the act is already on their fifth full release (on top of TONS of covers). Besides being in the popular act Lifehouse, the group grew their bond over the love of Beatles music. This similarity is prominent in all they create. Their approach to music is similar with their quick approach to recording as well as the dreamy sounds. Not to mention, they have covered the fab four with great success. “Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To” is a great indie rock expression of what the band does so effectively. The melody is very ’60’s drenched, while their craft appears to be the tightest it has ever been. Of course, we cover these guys a lot but while we look for reasons not to cover some acts, we are at a complete loss with this duo. They shine on their latest endeavor and many listeners will agree.

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