Three neoclassical pieces to begin your week with a calm mind

Steve Luck – “Oscillation”
-The calming style of Steve Luck’s recent piece “Oscillation” is evident from the very start. The melody unfolds throughout the piece quite naturally. It feels like taking a slow walk in a garden or some such place. I appreciate that if you listen carefully you can hear the mechanics of the piano. It reminds us that even in this digital world, there’s a true beauty in the mechanics of a piano. The pathway of composer’s heart to listener’s ear is clear on this one.

Daniel Rosenholm – “La Solitude”
-The phrasing of this piece of music gets into my soul. I appreciate that each section builds on the last, allowing for space in between. It reminds me of a well written fiction passage, which allows the reader to fill in details in vital places. There’s a sense of calm and meditation to this piece. By the time the strings enter the piece, the room is sufficiently calm for introspection. I adore the details here.

Piotr Wiese – “Not everything is lost”
-We’ve covered Wiese in the past because his compositions are delightful. This one brings a wonderful sense of contemplation for me. Whether sitting with a good book, a good cup of tea, or both, Wiese has written a piece of music that seems intended for the calming, reflective moments in life. If you’re putting together a playlist for reading or writing, I would highly suggest including Wiese’s work.

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