Three exceptional new folk pop tunes to make your weekend delightful

Anna Tivel – “Desperation”
-We’ve been featuring Anna Tivel’s music for years. Her songwriting always has a precision that takes me several listens to fully catch the meaning. There’s a poetic phrasing that really pops on this track “Desperation.” The lyric soars on the chorus, “all you ever had is desperation.” The message recounts a pain-inducing person. The funky beat offers something different, an almost alt rock sensibility from the usual folksy troubadour. It makes for a truly unique “folk pop” sound that will stand out as something new for Tivel’s loyal following and something catchy for the new fans she’s sure to find with this promising track.

Georgie Winchester – “bird bones”
-If the name Georgie Winchester seems familiar, it’s because we covered her music recently. This is a promising new songwriter with an absolutely magical voice. The phrasing that Winchester uses is just perfect for the style. I love the chromatic chord changes in the melody; there’s just something soothing about the sound. I would like this song if it was just the instrumentation or the vocal isolated, but the two blended together makes for a stunning sound. The lyrics are about being “best friends with grief,” a thoughtful and sometimes melancholy theme that resonates well here. The optimistic turn, “but these bird bones can be made into pretty things” is delightful, in the melancholy sweet way of artists like Dodie Clark and Orla Gartland. Winchester is in that company.

The Labourers – “Maggie”
-If you’re a fan of enthusiastic, energetic folk pop music, give this track a spin for sure. I adore the quality of the vocal harmonies here. I appreciate the optimistic message, “fair thee well Maggie,” despite the less optimistic section, “we all die on our own.” That said, I’m fairly certain the song is kind of a drunken heartbreak song. I appreciate the energy, the beat, and the harmonies. I’m not sure if it’s a mandolin or a differently tuned banjo, but the string work on this track is really something special.

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