Three new indie folk songs that will remind you why you follow our site

Lily Kershaw – “Poem Song”
-The calm piano work on this song is enough to pull in even the hardest hearted listener… but then the lyrics and Kershaw’s gorgeous voice just make the song even more special. This is a remarkable performance. The lyrics highlight a wide range of experiences and emotions that are sure to be relatable to many listeners. To me, what makes the song so meaningful is the way that Kershaw uses powerful vocals while singing these expressive, accessible ideas. I adore this one.

Charm of Finches – “If You Know Me”
-It’s impossible for me to listen to this song without thinking of vintage mid-70s pop acts like the Carpenters and Fleetwood Mac. The quality of the vocals – ALL of them – on this song is hard to overstate. The chill groove and solid lyrics only work to highlight the expressive and engaging vocal work. The vibes on this song are immaculate. If you’ve ever had someone who really knows you (compared to those who only pretend to know you), this song will be beautifully relatable.

Ian MacGinnis – “The Time of Our Lives?”
-It’s not every day that a song title is a question, but we have that with this thoughtful folk tune from Ian MacGinnis. The chamber folk quality includes violin and other orchestral elements, creating an emotive overall style. The lead vocal sounds good, but once the layered/harmony vocals enter the track really emerges. I’m not completely sure, but I think the lyrics are about reaching a point in life where you feel like you should be satisfied but things feel “just alright.” It’s not really depressive, just… perhaps unimpressed. I appreciate the honesty and relatability of the song. “Am I allowed to feel how I feel right now?” Yes, you sure are. And thank you for sharing.

Image courtesy: Charm of Finches IG

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