Soul Rock and a Electronica Legend in our Weekly Best

Marcus King – “The Well”

Coming from the rubber city Akron, Ohio, we have grown up on blues rock. The Black Keys have helped to keep sharp guitar riffs in style for the last decade. So without hesitation, we jumped on the tracks of Marcus King. His blues rock is a little more bluesy, and perhaps a little more rock heavy. His voice is perfect for the dirty blues style and blends it near perfectly. The young artist is prepping his debut El Dorado and received help from Dan Auerbach. King is one to watch in the coming year. His sound is explosive.

Nicolas Godin – “The Border”

It is forgivable if you don’t immediately recognize the name Nicolas Godin. However, chances are you are familiar with his legendary act Air. The French duo produced some of the most gripping music of the ’90’s and ushered in a style that is heard today in many modern acts. While bringing a heart to the Electronica genre, the act was able to gain massive followings, soundtrack large projects, and craft some of the most introspective and affecting tracks from the era. Today we present the solo effort from Nicolas Godin, “The Border”. It has equal parts heart and expression and comes with an incredible video. Check it out.

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