3 Great Tracks For Tuesday Feels

Meghann Clancy – “In Time”

The music of this singer songwriter is something of a dream. It rocks listeners back and forth with the complacency of a calmed ocean wave. In fact, she drew on a nautical influence to write this particular track. She has been writing since 2012 and has only continued to merge a wide array of genre and sound. “In Time” starts with a folk sway and then launches into a pop track with a soulful shade. This is the first single off her upcoming and highly anticipated full-length release and we could not think of a better release track. Keep your ears on her beautiful and engaging sound that is sure to both crush and inspire the hearts of many.

Paris Youth Foundation – “Missing the Mark”

There are certain sounds that great artists are able to craft that somehow transcend lyrics. It is like the landscape of their sound is able to unlock a thousand thoughts and feelings from deep within. Paris Youth Foundation do just this. Both nostalgic and romantic, the five-piece creates an explosion of life within the few minutes of this track. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the band recorded in the same studio as Oasis’ “Supersonic”, another band who could elicit an avalanche of emotion with ease. If you like dreamy and timeless hits, then look no further.

Dang Clets – “Lines”

This track is found on the band’s newly released self-titled EP, which is just as exceptional as this first release. The trio recently opened up for the likes of The New Pornographers and Childish Gambino, which should speak to their vast sound. They have a well-crafted way of producing floating indie rock sounds that are decadent but accessible. Look for the act to create waves within the indie pop audience.

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