A pair of alt rock tracks that are sure to appeal to early 90s alternative fans

Midnight Morning – “The Stranger”
-I love the melody of this track. It develops and unfolds with a natural chromatic style that just feels right. The understated vocal urges the listener to lean in and listen closely. But the lyrical concept, especially on the chorus, really connects if you’ve ever felt out of place. “I’m a stranger to everything, everyone I’ve ever known… it’s a blood red dichotomy, it’s part of me.” If you’ve ever been the outsider, there’s something rich about this song that will appeal. Fans of artists like Creed and 3 Doors Down will find a lot to like here.

Midnight Snowball Fight – “Dot Dot Dot”
-If you’re a fan of up tempo indie rock vibes, check out this track from Midnight Snowball Fight. The guitar riffs are worth your time listening alone, but the whole track is really good. The use of rapid vocals followed by open sonic spaces feels really comfortable and rewarding for the listener. I’m not sure if the “what if we fall?” lyric is about a relationship or some sort of existential concept, but it’s definitely a cool reflective hook. I can’t express how good the composition, especially the interplay between the guitar and bass, is on this track. I dig this sound a lot.

Image courtesy: Midnight Snowball Fight IG

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