Three Americana tracks that will be perfect for your weekend playlist

Joyce Harding – “Preacher”
-If you’re a fan of plaintive folk singer songwriters, you’ll find a lot to like about Joyce Harding’s latest “Preacher.” The lyrics are about seeking truth and finding your way. The main lyric is asking about scripture that might give direction. The pulsating rhythm makes it feel like a good cross between folk rock and an almost cathartic bluesy seeking style. If you’ve ever had a “wandering” phase of life, this song will surely resonate. It feels good to listen to and the lyrics are perfect for all the seekers out there.

Jesse Roper – “Two wolves”
-There’s a vibe to this track that tells genre that it simply does not matter. Is this a blues anthem? Sort of. Is it a rock track? At times. Is it a syrupy soulful expression of what it’s like to feel conflicted in your own conscience? ABSOLUTELY. This track hits a lot harder than you might think just from feeling the easy going groove. Everything from the penetrating lyrics to the whistle solo shows a track that takes itself seriously but not too seriously. The syncopated, rhythmic bridge is outstanding. Give this one a spin for sure, friends.

Yellofox – “Forever young”
-This is a trippy song for a few reasons. First, because it sounds like a cover but it’s not. Second, because it sounds like it’s in a style from the 60s folk revival, but it’s actually brand new. The band clearly take influence from music of the mid-20th century. The folksy revival mix makes for a fun loving and danceable vibe. If you’re an old hippie or you just empathize with that lifestyle, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in this folksy new-but-feels-old song.

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