Finding Cover Bands in Brisbane for Parties

It’s no secret that Brisbane has a thriving music scene, but if you are hosting a party, you might find it tough to find a quality cover band.

A good cover band can help make for a memorable party. The best in the business will have a long set list of well-known songs to get the party started. Those attending the party can sing along and dance throughout the night. It’s no wonder so many people hosting parties spend a lot of cash on the best cover bands in the area.

The internet

Of course, you can go to live music venues each day until you find a cover band that is available and willing to play at your party, but this can consume a lot of time. The web has made it easy to get in contact with a wide range of bands within a short space of time. There are some online and physical companies that will provide potential customers with all of the information needed on the different Cover Bands Brisbane

These types of sites are great because you will be able to find plenty of information about the band, the type of music they play, and the number of musicians in each band from the comfort of your home. You will be able to stream videos of some of the bands playing songs, which will give you an insight into what the band is like, without having seen them perform in person. If you need any more information about the band, or perhaps you would like to change your order to suit your needs, these companies act as a middle man and should be able to help you through the process. 

Social media

Most cover bands in Brisbane have a social media presence. Take a look at popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and any other platforms that you are currently using for cover bands in the area. Often, bands will publish their upcoming gigs online, so you should have no problems finding out if they are available on the date you are hosting your party. 

Contact the band via email or through social media. Most bands will respond to potential customers over a short period of time. 

Ask management for advice

If you are hiring a venue for the party, consider asking the management for advice on the different cover bands available in the area. If they have worked closely with bands in the past, you might want to ask them for their contact details.

If the band has played at the venue before, they will know where to set up their equipment, how the building’s acoustics work, and what it is like to work with the staff. Hiring a band that has had experience playing at the venue could solve a lot of issues in comparison to hiring a band that has never played at the venue might have. 

Don’t wait around

Top bands in Brisbane are often in demand, so you will want to book well in advance to avoid missing out. During the summertime in Australia, especially around Christmas, cover bands play on a regular basis. If you want to book a good band, you better move quickly.

Sound system

Will the cover band bring their own sound system? There is no point in hiring a band if your guests at the party cannot hear them play. Some venues will allow cover bands to use their speaker system, but this isn’t always the case. If the band has their own sound system, you might be forced to pay a little extra to rent the gear. If they don’t, you can expect to hire amplifiers and speakers from someone else. 

Before leasing music equipment, ask the band’s manager for advice. They might have used a leasing company in the past. If this is the case the band will be familiar with the sound equipment and how to set it all up.

Confirm all the details

Hiring a cover band might seem like a simple process, but it is important that you confirm all of the important details before making an agreement. For example:

  • How many band members will be playing at the party
  • The band’s wardrobe style: If you are planning a theme for the party, don’t forget to tell the band the type of clothes they need to wear
  • What type of instruments
  • The cover bands setlist for the night
  • The exact date and time the party will be taking place
  • Accommodation and transport costs
  • Lighting and speakers

As soon as all the details with the band have been confirmed, get everything in writing and make sure both you and the band sign it.

Some bands will charge their clients a set rate. If the party continues longer than you had planned, you might be charged extra if you want the band to keep on playing. Find out how much they charge for playing longer than expected to avoid any surprises.

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