Three new indie pop tracks that make us really glad we brought the genre back

Scoobert Doobert – “A song to quit your job to”
-We’ve been featuring Scoobert Doobert quit a bit here in the last year. This track’s chill groove and simple (relatable?) lyrical theme is fantastic. As we live through a macro historical event known as the “great resignation,” it’s nice to hear the sentiment so freely delivered by way of this song. Scoobert Doobert has a signature vocal style (and mix) that gives the listener access while clearly standing out from the crowd. This is such a smooth track about quitting your job; whether it’s a fantasy or you are actually quitting your job, the track makes it easy to connect and dream.

Lexi Jayde – “drunk text me”
-This is a quintessential indie pop song. Every time I listen to it, I keep thinking of the rapidly rising star Vaultboy. There’s an expressive emotionalism that comes through on this song in spades. Of course the lyrical theme is one that is relatable to a lot of people, but there’s a core message to the song that is more than just a simple “drunk text.” This is about continuing to desire someone after a relationship is over and the very real sense of anger and frustration that comes with it. Lexi Jayde sings with a sense of conviction and power. This is an impressive track from an artist who has arrived on the indie pop scene with an absolute statement track.

Jules Avalon – “Lily”
-The energy of this track is delicious. There’s a richness to the mix that blends together some fascinating genre elements. The lead vocal is pointed and conversational, while the atmospheric sounds give a sense of depth to the mix. The overall track doesn’t necessarily feel like the toe-tapping style of indie pop some might come to expect, but the creative sonic mix definitely stands out to us. This is a satisfying, unhurried, emotional song about embracing simple times.

Image courtesy: Lexi Jayde IG

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