5 Bands to Consider Hiring for Your Wedding in Brisbane

Do you have an upcoming wedding? Do you want to light it up with mesmerizing music and keep your guests entertained? Well, you don’t have to worry about that. While there are so many live bands you can hire in Brisbane to perform at your event, not all of them are as good. We’ve researched and inquired around to try and find the best for you. Here is a list of Brisbane bands you can select from, to bring your wedding event to life and have an amazing time.


  1.    Duo/Band 389

For any genre of music and for any wedding, club or corporate events, this is the band to hire. Duo/Band 389 has been performing in events since 2002. They have accumulated a wealth of experience in the years they have been in business. They know exactly the type of music to play depending on the nature of your event. From smooth jazz, dance music or just some soft relaxing music, this band has it all. The many years of experience has trained this band to configure their performances to suit your preferences. You only need to say what your want and live the rest to them.


  1.    Soul/Motown Band 623

If you want to have classic and soul music from the houses of Motown and Stax/Atlantic records, then get this group to your event. They have in their repertoire of music songs from great artists such as Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin and many other classic names in this category of music. The group has talented lead singers, vocalists and instrument players and will keep your audience or guests entertained throughout the event. Keep in mind that though it’s a classics songs band, they are not limited to that considering their talents and experience. They can perform as a 9 Piece Band.


  1.    Duo/Trio 155

This group comprises of trained and experienced vocalists and instruments players that interpret rock and pop tunes with their cool and smooth instruments. It is comprised of three gifted musicians that can through their instruments and amazing vocals turn any song to suit the nature of your event. They can play some background relaxing music or lighten up the crowd with lively dance music.


  1.    Soloist/Duo/Band 133

This group comprises of a mix of musicians old and young. They have more than 80 years of experience among them. With this experience, they bring to you a mix of sounds from your grandparents’ time to the modern age. Their highly trained professionals will live your audience wanting more and more of their music. They can perform in a variety of events including weddings, parties, theme nights and more. Note they can perform from soloist to 9 Piece.


  1.    Soloist/ Duo/Band 683

This group brings 20 years of music experience to your wedding. The musicians can do solo performances in addition to playing as a band. It is among the most experienced group in Australia able to play local and internal pieces to suit any kind of event.


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