Can’t Miss Indie Rock

Highline – “Here Now”

This one has a Minus the Bear sound we love. Cool and groovy, “Here Now” is a must for your summertime playlist. The Australian act have an indelible sound. Earnestly they craft tunes that transport listeners into a 311 type space. We feel the act is coming into their own with this release and are excited to hear more from the young act.

Marian – “Astral Plane”

“Astral Plane” is a nod to member Dylan Ward’s favorite acts. It comes out as the track unfolds. Dipped in Oasis style sound waves and vocals, the track transports listeners into some of their favorites. With this said, the act have an originality that makes their sound intriguing. Their guitars alone are worth a listen. Crunchy at times and arena ready in others, their sound is big and a good example of rock and roll in 2022.

Slow Fiction – “Nameless Harm”

We were excited to see this one pop up in our music feed. Slow Fiction has been one of our favorite acts for awhile now. “Nameless Harm” has an almost Arcade Fire style storytelling to it before bursting into an anthemic style sound. Keep an ear out for more from the New York City act. We have a feeling their best work is on the horizon.

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