Three glorious lo-fi tracks to bring in a new week

Meera – “Keys”
-There’s a gorgeous energy to this track from Meera. The lead vocal is quite stunning. The chromatic expressive style of the melody is also a great fit for us. The whole composition feels like the kind of understated and beautiful pop music that we tend to feature. This is the kind of song that absolutely stands out from the crowd for a variety of reasons. The whole song is nice, but the opening is breathtakingly beautiful.

Honeywhip – “Georgia Peach (sketch)”
-Honeywhip is one of those bands that doesn’t – on the surface – seem like a natural fit for my largely folk-based preferences. Yet the more I listen to the melodic, satisfying style of Honeywhip, the more they resonate with my soul deeply. There’s something sweetly endearing about the vocal harmonies on this track. The lo-fi, chilled out production certainly stands out from the crowd. The spirit of the song is good and the vocal execution is excellent.

Frankie Maurie – “Downfall”
-The energy of this track is to die for. The snappy pop beat on the drums might make some think it’s a more up tempo pop style track, but the effect on the vocal keeps it firmly in the lo-fi category. Instead of so many pop tracks that decide to make a soaring diva vocal where there doesn’t need to be one, “Downfall” allows the vocal to shine without overproducing it. The lilting characteristics on the chorus make the track a sure fire “yes!” for us.

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