Three powerful lead vocalists blazing a trail in indie pop music

Maggie Rose – “For your consideration”
-If you’re looking for an outstanding pop vocal, give Maggie Rose a spin. There’s a blues energy to this track that is sure to stand out from the crowd. Fans of Grace Potter and similar modern blues pop artists will find a lot to like with Maggie Rose. The full composition is outstanding, including the strings in the background and the clever use of space between the big time chorus and the subsequent verses. Mid 60s producers eat your hearts out because this is the fulfillment of those sonic dreams from days gone by. It’s a timeless style with a contemporary, exceptional production. This is a HIT!

Coral Moons – “Like we used to”
-There’s a coolness to this track that is much needed in this hot time of year here in the US. The tones on the lead vocal make it feel like one of those nights where you’re out just a little too late. It’s the good night out with the baddest of intentions. I appreciate the nostalgic sentiments combined with a bit of a sultry message. The layered production elements make for a brilliant sound, allowing the lead vocal to really emerge from the crowd on this one.

Sean McConnell – “Leave the light on”
-Although the folks promoting this track rightfully categorized it as an Americana singer songwriter track, I’m putting it on this indie pop list because I think it fits better with this playlist. The lead vocal on this track is absolutely outstanding. I appreciate the depth of the composition here with shades of gospel and pop intermixed. The overall style is sure to appeal to a lot of fans of pure, timeless good music. It’s got more than its share of spiritual meaning. Give it a spin and feel that core emotion in your soul.

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