Three folk tunes to help you through the week

The Accidentals – “Might as well be gold”
-If you’re looking for the kind of folk music that uses electric guitars and an amazing lead vocal to convey a powerful message, definitely spin this track from The Accidentals. The intimacy on the recording is really impressive on this song. The vocal harmonies are really well done here, but it’s the balance that I admire the most. The combination of quality production and meaningful lyrics make this a quintessential modern folk tune. Okay, maybe it is the vocal harmonies that I admire most. It’s just all so good. I want to sing with them!

To Twelve – “Horses (acoustic)”
-Wow. I don’t often stop in my tracks when I press play on a song, but I did with this one. It’s a really remarkable bit of harmony writing. This is what folk music is all about. The gentle energy in the lead vocal and the intimate lyrical style hit exactly right on this one. If you love singing along with gorgeous folk harmonies, you’ll definitely want to give this one a spin. It’s a pretty one.

Winsome – “101”
-When I tell people I listen to alt country and Americana music, the sound I have in my mind is really close to what Winsome sounds like here. It’s a bit of Wilco mixed with a few other chill folk rock flavored bands. No matter what we call it, this is a winning sound. The sometimes-understated vocal almost feels like a necessary part of the experience. The guitars, the emotion, and the overall vibe of the track all feel like my life stage and general mood. It’s a bit uncanny how much this track resonates with me. Give it a shot and feel something that you’ll pretend not to feel.

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