Three rock tunes to get your toes tapping this weekend

Highline – “Call out”
-Every once in a while a new rock track just does it for me. It checks all the boxes and feels right. The kickdrum, the vocal, and of course some gloriously soaring guitars… “Call out” is a rock track that put my expectations to bed. The chorus makes me want to storm the field or something. I love the intensity. Even though I can’t understand every word of the lyrics, I definitely feel the energy of the track and dig it a lot. Put this one on and test out how high your speakers will go. It’s a house rocker for sure.

Little Lazy – “The Showman”
-I appreciate the aggressive guitars on this track a lot. It definitely shows a rowdy band with a flair for the dramatic. The chords will have you banging out head in no time. It’s got a really nice balance of that serious rock without being too far into the metal category. Bands like Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin come to mind with this sound. If you’re looking for a modern take on that mid 2000s alt rock sound, give Little Lazy a spin.

Highline – “Chiswick”
-This track has the acoustic guitar core that really appeals to me, but it’s evident that the band still has a rock energy to it. The combination is basically like finding a band that can do it all for me. The lead vocal is perfect for this genre and works really well. This was the first track I approved from this band and became an instant fan. I am really looking forward to getting access to this full album as I think it’ll be one of the best this year. These guys have one of those pop-influenced sounds that will appeal to a LOT of listeners. The sky’s the limit for them.

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