Three singer songwriters who just might rock your socks off!

Katie Buchanan – “All of it, again”
-The energy of this track is absolutely fantastic. From start to finish it’s got a raw, gritty rock energy to it. The lyrics will have you leaning in to contemplate some big questions about how you treat people you love. Basically, if the world is a joke or a lie, would you still love the people you love? Yes, of course. I appreciate the hypnotic qualities to the composition here, the rolling and repetitive elements that express an unconditional love. Buchanan’s voice soars and the track has the perfect blend of beauty and grit.

Chris Considine – “Greener pastures syndrome”
-We’ve covered Considine in the past and it’s easy to hear why we keep saying yes to his music. There’s a beautiful, lush composition style to the track right from the start. The electric guitars fill the space until the vocal harmonies enter… and then… wow! I would assume these are a bit of studio magic (forgive me if I’m wrong), but they are still undeniably pleasing to the ear. The combination of lush arrangements and poetic lyrics are always going to get me. Considine has a gift for writing the kind of singer songwriter folk-informed rock that I totally dig.

Katie Lynn Sharbaugh – “Nothing left to lose”
-There’s an up tempo rock energy to Sharbaugh’s new track “Nothing left to lose” that’s sure to catch the attention of fans of blues-flavored rock music. If you’re interested in the work of someone like Rachel Price of Lake Street Dive, then give Sharbaugh’s track a spin. The expressive vocal lead is worth checking out for sure. The energy from start to finish is powerful. It actually amazes me how much raw energy is captured in such a short track. It makes me want to dance, smile, and ask where I can hear more.

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