3 BEST Songwriters You Should Hear NOW

Conor Gains – “Light Shine In”

Heavy on soulful talent, Conor Gains will blow your mind. The groove on this one is captivating, but vocally it has a confidence that is a punch to the ears. Listeners will find it no surprise that Gains lists Gaye, D’Angelo, and Springsteen as heavy influences. We try to think of the brand of listener who will react to each artist we cover. “Light Shine In” is one of those rare tracks that will undoubtedly land with anyone who loves music. It is just that good.

Sara Phillips – “Nobody Loves You”

I’ve been counting both my money and my friends, don’t know where everything went” croons Sara Phillips on her newest track “Nobody Loves You”. The brazen songwriter is a rare talent who has became one of my favorite artists in the last few years. Following her career for awhile now, she crafts genuine pop slow burners that flip the genre upside down. There are few artists we eagerly await their next release like Phillips. The songwriting is fantastic, yet it is her conviction and vulnerability that continues to set her apart from the swelling crowd. An established artist for sure, the fact that she is not a household name is a perfect example of a broken industry. If she continues to release tracks like this, as well as the dozens we have covered through the years, Sara Phillips will set fire to the genre and force listeners to take notice of the flame.

Mira Lu Kovacs – “Want You”

This one is a beautiful example of why we do what we do. A creatively catchy track, “Want You” traces a near toxic relationship that keeps sparking inconveniently. The artist has a great vocal style that draws listeners in, complete with “ooo”‘s that we all were singing back throughout. Lyrically, the artist has a talent for showcasing the relational complexities of our existence. The sound is bouncy and tight, but the overall track leaves us wanting more immediately. Perhaps this too is a way of frustrating as much us as the lyrical content frustrates the storyteller. Regardless, we are absolutely hooked.

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