Three soothing neoclassical pieces for this new week

Matthias Gusset – “Wistful heart”
-It’s sometimes hard to explain to people why I love neoclassical music so much, but a piece like this from Gusset explains it well. Gentle, thought-provoking, and soothing… the melody is calming but unpredictable. The understated composition allows the listener to hear the mechanics of the piano. It’s all so soothing to me. Maybe it reminds me of a simpler time; maybe it reminds me of a simpler future. No matter. It’s beautiful. Put this one on and dream a little.

Kevin Kerrigan – “For we are also what we have lost”
-The thoughtful phrasing on this piece of music is truly remarkable to me. There are some repeated phrases, but the unhurried nature of the piece gives me great calm. It’s the kind of music you might enjoy while reading or writing; it’s an engaging piece of neoclassical music. The piano is the lone voice, but it commands the moment quite beautifully.

Silas Rosenskjold – “Try to be satisfied with less”
-Neoclassical rarely holds a thesis in the title, but here we are with Rosenskjold’s latest track “Try to be satisfied with less.” It’s a counter cultural but powerful message in a world that urges us moment after moment to get more and more. This piece, calming, with layered piano work, will make you reflect on the proverbial “rat race” of modern society. In the wake of 2020, I think many of us listening can consider this thesis with sincerity; perhaps we can do with a bit less all around.

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