Three tracks showing that indie music is alive and well

Lyerr – “Doctor’s orders”
-If you’re looking for indie rock that paves its own path, check out this new track from Lyerr. The energy is infectious from the very start. The electric guitars provide the backbone while the lead vocal cuts through the mix well. The moving anthemic rock sound is just unique enough to stand out while feeling like a real “in the pocket” jam rock tune. Also, if you’ve ever been hurt in a breakup this one’s going to cut deep. Embrace it.

senses – “When it rains”
-The easy comparison for senses is Paramore because of the soaring lead vocal, but honestly they deserve to stand on their own merits. The mix of the vocals on this track is excellent, allowing the harmonies to stand out in a rock world that sometimes neglects vocal quality. The lyrics depict a rocky part of a relationship and the desire to work through the trouble. The tension is palpable, but the passion makes it feel like it’s all going to work out in the end. I dig the emotion, the soaring lead, and the harmonies on this one.

Jake Whiskin – “Slow motion”
-There’s a relaxing energy to the acoustic guitar in the opening of this track. I appreciate how the production stays subtle while the rhythm picks up. The energy of the track feels comfortable through the whole thing, but the more you listen to the lyrics the more introspective they are. If you’ve ever spent time taking stock in your life, looking back on where you’ve been and hoping toward where you want to be… then you’ll relate to this track. I dig the way it teeters on the alt rock and singer songwriter genre line. Give it a spin; I bet you’ll be into it.

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