A pair of relaxing neoclassical pieces

Raffaele Grimaldi – “Elegy for I”
-The calming nature of this piece is evident from the outset. I was moved by the subtlties in composition here. The two hands of the piano player feel like different instruments in the mix. The music box style of the melody is hypnotic and comforting. This is certainly what we mean by the genre “neoclassical” with gestures of the past and modern innovation as well. It’s a delight.

Kendra Logozar – “Wish”
-If you’ve been following my writing on neoclassical much at all this year, you know Logozar’s name. This new album is absolutely stunning. This piece “Wish” has such beautiful phrasing, I can’t quite put it into words. Something about it reminds me of lullabies I heard as a child combined with music from stage musicals as well. I just know that it makes me feel… better. Thank you, Kendra, for this gem.

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