Three instrumental tracks to add to your reading and meditating playlist

Sherwood Roberts – “Us”
-The relaxing, cinematic quality of the piano in this piece from Sherwood Roberts put a smile on my face from first listen. It’s clear that Roberts has a sound that is driven by emotion. The rise and fall of the melody here does a really nice job of pulling me in then helping me relax. It’s a bit like being on a boat at sea with periods of choppy waves and others of deep, abiding calm. I think it’s meant to be a reflection of a relationship, but the ocean metaphor works too. Either way, it’s beautiful.

Michael Logozar – “Weightless”
-The relaxing phrasing of Logozar’s writing continues to impress me. It’s as if each line advances some sort of musical thesis. There’s an argument here and I’m not quite sure what it is, but it makes me want to think and reflect. This is the perfect type of music for helping me concentrate and focus. While the title is weightless, it actually helps me want to engage in a more rooted way.

Rikard Mathisson – “Nox (Graceful)”
-If you are a believer in a certain cosmos, then grace is at the center of how you see the world. There’s a need for more focus on grace both in how we treat each other and how we view ourselves. This peaceful composition helps me to ruminate on these concepts, to calm my heart in times of strife, so that I might be a better person to bring grace and truth to the world. In a world with lying and deception, it is an act of courage to speak the truth in love. Mathisson captures that beautifully with the piano phrasing. There is light in this music.

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