3 Favorite Rock Acts For Your Thursday

Stables – “Summer (And a Sunny Side of You)”

This is perhaps the first quintessential summer track of 2020. The duo have a magically dreamy sound on their new track that helps us melt into sunshine. Vocally it has some great moments as well, but perhaps the strongest aspect of the talented act is the instrumentation they craft and the feeling it gives listeners. Things will get better, and tracks like this help us to believe so.

Honyrock – “The Quarry”

There is something for everyone in the timeless sound of Honyrock. Classic rock? Alternative? Folk? Yep, all of those styles and more are blended into a beautiful sound that works its way into listeners’ hearts. “Quarry” plays like a B-side from Wilco, with a southern rock ease. The young act have hit their stride with a tight and heartfelt style that will resonate with many, regardless of preference.

The Delta Sound – “Blues No.2”

We have a sweet spot for blues rock. So you can imagine our excitement when we came across UK act The Delta Sound. The beauty of the band’s sound, and what sets them apart from the majority of acts, is their depth of sound. Instead of playing a straightforward blues rock troupe, they layer their sound in unique and intriguing ways. “Blues No.2” is a blues burner of a track, with alt leanings. Acts like Oasis kept coming to mind – without the dysfunction of course. The band plays tightly and sparkles with band chemistry and talent.

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