Neoclassical calm amidst life’s current storm

Gianluca Piacenza – “Once again”
-I really like this kind of piano music that seems like a direct link to the soul. I can’t explain how it works, but I am consistently impressed by the delicate, emotional compositions of Gianluca Piacenza. This piece “Once Again” gives me a beautiful sense of pause and calm even in the midst of crazy circumstances around the world. Please, try it.

Matthew Adam – “The way home”
-Matthew Adam’s composition style is smooth and engaging. The melodic lines connect well to one another. It’s an inspiring, intriguing style. I find myself drawn to the familiar melodies that have adapted phrasing and pace. What comes across most to me, though, is that Adam puts emotion into his writing. I don’t know the way home, but this is a careful meditation on the process.

Kendra Logozar – “Softly”
-I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Kendra Logozar’s music is pretty much an automatic “yes” from me. The beautiful articulation on the piano continues to surprise me even after covering several tracks. The name of this track “Softly” captures the mood of the piece perfectly. I can close my eyes and picture the most beautiful, comfortable spaces listening to this music. If you need something to relax your mind and spirit, listen to Logozar’s music.

Jane Arnison – “On the soul”
-Arnison is a bright, emerging composer. This new piece “On the soul” is titled like a philosophical essay. As the listener begins the track, it’s evident that the phrasing is like an essay as well. There are some ideas presented, adapted, and evolved into a new idea. The piece is carefully phrased, keeping the listener focused throughout. It’s calming yet thought provoking.

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