A little something for everyone – a variety playlist of new music

Tim Chou – “Worth the wait”
-Tim Chou has an interesting acoustic style. His music is definitely an energetic and engaging pop acoustic flavor. If you’re looking for a track that goes down smooth with relatable “falling in love” lyrics, give it a spin. Chou is sure to make a lot of fans among our acoustic aficionados on the site.

Neon Dreams – “Sick of feeling useless”
-When I see Neon Dreams in the submission list, I click. It’s just an automatic reaction. I GOTTA hear what they have next. This track has some massive commercial production that makes it radio ready RIGHT NOW. Honestly, if I had a rock radio station I’d play this track every hour on the hour. It’s got a powerful mental health message perfect for our moment and a sing-it-out chorus that makes us all feel a bit better.

Biz Colletti – “It weighs me down”
-If you’re looking for a piano singer songwriter with an amazing voice, click play on this track from Biz Colletti. The mood of the track is a bit sullen, yet the angellic vocal layering on the chorus makes it strangely uplifting. It’s definitely a piece meant for meditation and careful listening. I adore the sincerity that drips from this one.

Tom Peregrine – “To the boy that I was yesterday”
-If you’re looking for a poetic, engaging singer songwriter, give Tom Peregrine’s music a spin. His songwriting commands attention like another Tom — Waits. The limited production here works wonders in allowing Peregrine’s idiosyncratic voice to take center stage. Looking back on who we were in the past is a universal human experience. Peregrine captures it beautifully here.

Emili – “When” (Acoustic)
-If you’re looking for an engaging acoustic singer songwriter, Emili has a lot of ability for that style. The acoustic guitar provides a nice basis for Emili’s quality vocal. The ruminations in the lyrics are about a day that might come when life is restored to normal. We’re not featuring much music specifically about the quarantine, but this one had a delightful sweetness and optimism to it. Give it a spin.

Hayden Calnin – “Unfortunate Love”
-This track fits in a unique category of indie pop that we seldom cover. It’s a thoughtful track with some lyrics that will require your full attention to follow. But the blend of vocal styles on this one will put listeners in mind of some folk classics like Bon Iver. The overall mix is easy to listen to in the background, but the message requires a lot of focus.

Caleb J. Murphy – “Dancing on Magic”
-Okay so I’m not gonna lie I love this track. I don’t know quite what it is that Murphy has captured with this track, but it has some energy to it that stands above the crowd of folk music right now. The lyrics, of course, remind me of dancing. But beyond that, the way the horns blend into the mix here makes it feels almost orchestral in its composition. It feels like a piece of music that stands on its own merits. It’s worth a spin, friends.

Edward + Jane – “Everything’s Different (Yellow Springs)”
-We get a pretty regular search term on our site for “male female folk duo” so if that’s why you’re here, click play on this delightful duo. Edward and Jane have a timeless folk sound that will put folks in mind of the folk revival of the 60s. There’s a sweet, subtle connection between the two voices and a delicate backing track. The little minor key change on the chorus is absolute magic. I’d love for this track to get some wider airplay.

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