Can’t Miss Weekly Hits

Saint Nomad – “Nothing to Lose”

“Nothing to Lose” provides listeners with a healthy dose of optimism. This is both needed and appreciated during this current time. “There’s a reason. There’s a purpose. There’s a plan in motion that I know will all be worth it. To be honest with you, I’ve got nothing to lose.” sings the California act on their latest indie pop track, which has the serious makings of a bonafide hit. Their music is accessible, intentional, and positive. We could all use more heartfelt tracks like this in our life.

Baneful Town – “I Did My Laundry Today”

The track from the trio Baneful Town, is sweet and crackles with the everyday storytelling of acts like Wilco. The title, “I Did My Laundry Today” is very relevant given our current days of trying to get things done amidst a global crisis. The act crafts a sweet track that plays towards their many strengths, while still keeping an everyman/woman feel. Their style endears itself to many listeners, regardless of genre preference.

Pilkington – “My Car”

We were reminded of some of our favorite acts when we listened to Pilkington. For musical reference, think a more indie pop version of Bully, or maybe a more indie version of Wolf Alice. Either way, the act has some seriously sharp and dreamy vibes that impress. As “My Car” unfolds, it builds to a near explosive piece of musical goodness that made us visit the band’s other tracks, which we equally love.

Alex McArtor – “Biggest Fan”

There is a deeply compelling sound burning slowly in the music of Texas songwriter Alex McArtor. The young artist has released two EP’s and continues to impress as she tightens an already impressive sound. Vocally, she is just as intriguing with a style similar to Lana Del Rey. There is a more dark folk/country vibe within the music of McArtor, which we greatly appreciate and can probably chalk up to her Texas roots. Critically she has continued to garner much deserved praise that we can assume will continue to grow.

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