Oliver Proudfoot: Arresting and Imaginative Singer Songwriter

There is something magical about singer songwriters. All have similar tools for their creative whims, yet a rare few can take these and make miracles. Vocals, guitar, and lyrics are the tools of the trade for many of our favorite artists. While many struggle to capture the right sound, some of the best – and our favorite – can do something incredibly enthralling and otherworldly. Take the music of singer songwriter Oliver Proudfoot. His newest track, “Oregon Grey”, is one of these magical moments that are so refreshing for us as listeners and fans of music. The heart and mood that comes out in the track works as a type of lullaby for uncertain times.

Proudfoot is English but based out of France yet his music seems to be able to reach beautifully beyond borders. Vocally, we could listen to him sing the most boring of textbooks and still feel warmth in our heavy souls. What is probably his most obvious strength is the mood created within his sound. It is strangely hopeful, seeming to want a deeper connection between listener and artist. We were at a loss when it comes to comparisons, but perhaps in terms of creativity, the best we could come up with is Mason Jennings. Both share an imaginative and arresting sound driven forward by compelling vocals.

If you haven’t noticed, we are utterly smitten with the music of Oliver Proudfoot and are excited to share his music – including his newest “Oregon Grey” – with you.

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