Some easy going pop rock to energize your weekend

Kodaline – “Wherever you are”
-A new Kodaline song? Don’t mind if we do! They’ve been one of the biggest bands we’ve had the privilege of featuring in the past few years. There’s a real approachable rock sound with lyrics that we find moving on a consistent basis. The optimistic chord structure on this track pulls me in immediately. The timeless, loving lyrics give it potential to be a hit love song for years to come.

Darren Grant – “Maybe”
-I like a well-placed piano lead as much as anybody. This track does that really well, allowing Grant’s plaintive vocal to take center stage. The “let’s dream together” lyrics are inspiring. It’s a song that would work on a playlist for anything from easy listening to love songs. The self reflective lyrics feel meaningful and authentic.

The Flitz – “Shoutout”
-Every once in a while you get a melody that works so well you don’t even need music. That’s the case with this track from the Flitz. But here’s the other cool thing – the vocals are great too! I definitely dig everything about this track. The mix is one of my favorite parts of the track because it allows the quality guitar and vocal parts to shine through. Honestly (total sidebar here) if I was a producer, this is exactly the kind of sound I’d want to make. I am a new The Flitz fan now. Dig it for real for real.

Carey St – “Little Things”
-This is a vibey track. I mean it’s just got the sauce to it. I mean it snaps and pops in all the right places, you know? I find myself moving to the beat and wondering what it is about the vocal style that I like so much. I guess it’s all the little things in the song that make it stand out. (I’m sorry, really I am.) It’s a jam. All jokes aside, I remember a crush that I had with a very specific feature in her hair that “kept me coming back.” Sometimes it really is the “little things.”

Couchsleepers – “All I want”
-There’s a real John Mayer vibe to this track and I adore it. It feels like the kind of thing you’d listen to in a trendy, uptown apartment. It’s got elements of pop jazz, killer guitar work, and an understated but quality lead vocal. The overall mix is clean, inviting, and comfortable. It sounds like how I would guess a really fine wine tastes… refined, but with the slightest hint of sweetness. I am definitely digging the complexity here from Couchsleepers. There are shades of one of my favorite bands, Dawes, in the composition style. I’ll keep my ear on these cats.

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