Heavenly Vocals to Cure Your Pre-Holiday Stress

Guys, I get it. The Holiday season is LITERALLY around the corner and whether you love it or hate it, it can be stressful. So, as Thanksgiving reers her glorious head this week and reminds us to be thankful for all we have, I’m thankful that I get to listen to new indie music constantly. I’m thankful that I get to experience these artists for the first time. And I’m especially thankful that I get to share them with all of you. (Hashtag thankful, kids.) Enjoy.

Maude Latour- “Lovesick”

Maude is an excellent example of blending unique vocal stylings with a widely pleasant musical accompaniment. Many tend to focus on one or the other, very rarely is it both. Add some excellent lyrics and storytelling and you’ve got something truly special. I love the descending melody line/chording of the chorus, making for a nice break from the oh-so-typical pop trope of the 1-4-5 chord progression. The background vocals are heavenly and pure. This is an all-around hit!

Axel Flóvent- “Tourist”

For me, this was a case of going back for more, and more, and more – hearing something new with every listen. His voice is really quite exquisite, with the softness of a melancholic breeze but also exuding raw emotion. Like… SO much emotion! I can’t even handle all the emotions! Lyrically, it’s gorgeous, with deep imagery and illustrations. Musically it’s simple, but sound. This is an overall banger for me. It has the feelings and heart necessary to speak to many, as it definitely spoke to me.

Arlo Parks – “Angel’s Song”

This one is live, yall. LIVE! And… it’s pretty damn special. Arlo Parks is a definite diamond in the rough. With the stripped-down simplicity of just an electric guitar, this song could be boring, but it totally isn’t. That is thanks, in part, to incredible vocals and powerful lyrics. This is a novel, a story, in musical form. I want to know who this is about, their story, what happens after this! I want to know it all! Never has a simple “do, do, do” done it so well for me.

Brian McGane – “When We Were Young”

An acoustic, singer-songwriter banger, “When We Were Young” ticks all the boxes for me. When the low-end piano comes in on the chorus, I literally yelped. Like… audibly yelped! I love it so much. The post-chorus, 2nd half of this song is spectacular. It leads up and out as you move through the ebbs and flows of this journey. (Also – that organ? Please.) This song is addicting and worthy of all the attention. Praise be, baby.

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