A Playlist To Ease Your Weary Minds On Your Weekend Inside

I know things are tense all around the world right now, but one thing that has stood the test of time, uplifting and edifying us through many trials and many dark times is music. Music heals the mind and soul and what we all need now is a little more of that. These songs have given me some hope this week. I hope they bring you some, as well.

Cedar Lake – “Sisyphus”

With an earthy, grounded tone and sound, this singer-songwriter has crafted a beautifully melancholic acoustic gem. I do love the imagery and the lyrics here, as they are deep but relatable at the same time. This is a great mellow playlist tune.

Milan – “Reckless” (feat. Lana Roche)

Bluesy, full of soul, and makes you want to listen again and again, this juxtaposition of lovely lyrics and a darker sound is pure delight. There’s so much vocal excellence here and an superior example of craft and creativity.

HAN – “Lens”

Pure pop and power lead this song to victory. Vocally, it’s clear and concise and perfectly performed. The music is a genre masterclass of where to push and when to pull, leaving the listener with a fully-thought out sound.

RG Lowe – “Sorrow”

The title expresses it all and this song is wonderfully vivid and telling. The electric piano here is basically perfection. All too often, this piano sound is overbearing and oddly placed, but this tone is perfect to match the underlying message of the lyrics. Vocally, it’s wonderful and the roaring sound on the chorus is powerful.

Maple St. – “Love Me Less?”

The vocals, especially the BGVs here are something truly stellar. This is a sing-out-loud in the car or shower anthem for those of us who just need to release the tension. Fun and moving, this pop song is chock-full of lovely bits and great beats.

Mock Deer – “Solitude The Saviour”

A storyteller’s journey through life brings us full circle. Gloriously soothing and calming, but taking us up hills and through powerful imagery and imagination, this simple song exudes peace of mind. Be healed!

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