Feelin’ those blues, acoustic, and Americana roots to start autumn 2019

Scott Kirby – “Cool Water”
-I don’t always approve blues tracks, but when I do it’s because they tap into something deep. This track feels timeless. The lyrics are easy to follow, the chord structure feels familiar, and the overall style is engaging. This is a fantastic track from a rising star in the blues world. If you’re an Americana fan with a penchant for the bluesy side, this one will stand out.

Steph MacPherson – “Bad Fit”
-This track carries some weight. There’s a classic ethos in MacPherson’s voice. I don’t like to throw around the names of country icons too easily, but MacPherson definitely feels like some of the mid 20th century greats. The quality of the vocal is the focal point of the track. The overall style has just enough production to allow MacPherson’s quality vocal to take over. The lyrics are raw and real in a way that will resonate with real people.

Hannah Connolly – “From where you are”
-Connolly has a poet’s delivery with her music. The acoustic guitar serves as a delicate bed for the lyrics to lay upon. The overall mix is a delightful, sweet sound that will have listeners take pause and “lean in.” Something about the way the vocal parallels the lead guitar feels extra sweet to me. This is one of those songs that feels soft and relaxing, but if you listen to the lyrics it’ll make you think about theology and existentialism in some unexpected ways. Connolly is making my short list for artists to watch.

Gordon G. Andrew – “Our Better Angels”
-If you miss the old days of activist folk music like Pete Seeger, you’ll enjoy this track. I can’t help but think of another Gordon – that is Lightfoot – when I listen to this. As a historian, I can’t help but like the Lincoln reference in the lyrics. The call to compassion and truth is absolutely perfect. Call it folk, Americana, or whatever you want, this is a message that we support wholeheartedly at ETTG. Give it a spin and share with your friends.

Fiona Silver – “Dark Blue”
-So dark blue is my favorite color. Grace Potter is one of my favorite vocalists and Fiona Silver sounds an awful lot like her. Of course my interest was piqued hearing this submission. Silver’s style feels a bit timeless and also simultaneously brand new. I think this track could really take off if it could get some mainstream airplay. The vocal is perfect and the attitude is infectiously interesting. The bluesy rock style is worth your time and admiration.

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