Your Perfect Weekend YouTube Playlist

Julia Michaels – “Hurt Again”

There is a lot to like about Michaels, regardless of your musical preference. The artist has already accomplished some major milestones, including working and writing for some of the biggest pop acts out there. Now, as she forges her own career being out front, we think it is the perfect time to get hip to her heartfelt and cutting pop style. The VEVO video gives some incredible insight into her skill in bringing listeners in.

The Cerny Brothers – “Laugh at the Devil”

If you haven’t heard of the Cerny Brothers, then here is your chance. The duo perfectly blend country, americana, blues, and rock into an impressive sound you need to hear. In this live video for “Laugh at the Devil”, listeners see the magnetism and passion they play with. Lyrically, it is easy to miss just how great they are at phrasing with punch. Whether it is sound or lyricism that draws you, The Cerny Brothers have talent for days and days and is guaranteed to have you swaying and jiving in your chair or cubicle.

Miami Horror – “Restless”

Here is a classic example of a video adding to an already great song. “Restless” is a seductive track with an incredible hip shake inducing groove. The act craft a great sound while practicing tennis among the upper crust in the video. It plays like a nod to Wes Anderson while carrying a sound that reminds us of MGMT. The end result is an incredibly smooth piece of indie electro that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Half Alive – “Runaway”

That piano though. So good. It is difficult to classify this act or compare them to other acts. Perhaps this is the best compliment we can pay for them. It is endearingly indie pop with a unique vocal crooning delivery. The video helps explain their sound and style. The trio are carried by an almost choral like vocal wall of sound. It is impressive and we are excited to hear more from these budding indie darlings.

Ellen Krauss – “On The Bus”

Perhaps the most creative and colorful video on the playlist, “On the Bus” perfectly showcases a rising pop artist in Ellen Krauss. Her lyrical play is as biting as it is joyous and empowering. The track plays out like a Justin Bieber song, while showing vocals similar to Ellie Goulding. While not typically falling in love with pop tracks like “On the Bus”, it was rather easy for us in this case. The artist shows a true depth of style and lyrics that are beautiful and fun.

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