The Shyp Rock With Dirty Blues and Lots of Heart

While we come across roughly 2,000 acts each month, there are certain styles that grab our attention immediately. After all, we are still music fans. For me, gritty blues rock will always require a deeper listen and make my ears perk up. The dirtier the better when it comes to this style. Canadian rockers The Shyp professionally hit this not so hidden pleasure within our musical soul with their new single “The Fix”.

The track has a lower production quality, which is a must for this style. It reminded us of our neighbors The Black Keys and how they recorded in a basement early on. This gives the band a certain authentic quality that further helps the mood and heart of the track. The rambling nature of the band is further enhanced with a beautifully bruised blues sound that comes through with classic guitar riffs. Yet, The Shyp is not merely a one genre act. Their ability to mix genre and style is seen in their limited but expressive catalogue. Their track, “Cold Blood”, shows them covering more indie rock territory a la The Record Company.

The Shyp are an authentic band that has equal measures heart and talent. Their ability to get listeners from every different preference to take notice, bob their heads, and maybe even play a little air guitar, is sure to carry over as they further build their legacy.

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