The 3 Best Indie Tracks You Need to Hear

Sabel – “Mirth Drive”

This one gives us all the feels at once. “Mirth Drive” is an impressive and beautiful exploration into the changes of life, both positive and negative. Backed by an all-female band, the sound itself gives incredible support to the artist’s astoundingly honest lyrics. With a great guitar solo in the middle and a terrific outro, Sabel develops a complete track that doesn’t rest on talented songwriting alone. The chorus is stick-to-your soul good. She will undeniably receive comparisons to Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers, but we think this is only because of her creative talent and the need for others to convince their friends to listen. We love “Mirth Drive” for many reasons, but perhaps the most prevalent is her heartfelt and authentic love for art that pours out with every note. Sabel is one to watch.

Tremolo Light – “Chase The Night”

This one burns on many levels. The vintage guitar work is upbeat, with shades of New York cool. It is almost disco in it’s approach, while vocally, it is fun and nostalgic. It is a definite nod to pop of yesteryear, for sure, but it is a damn great one and catchy on every front. We do not honestly know many acts making music like this currently. With waves of shoe gaze and new wave coming back around, perhaps disco rock is a guilty pleasure we all need to distract us from this current state of political absurdity we find ourselves.

Far Caspian – “A Dream Of You”

It seems like every single from UK dream rockers ends up on our site. Few acts get us as giddy as we do when we see a new single from the act. Their ability to weave in dreamy vocals with nostalgic guitar parts is perfectly captured on “A Dream Of You”. It is perfect driving or contemplating music and is a close relative to some of the best by acts like Tame Impala. The groove melts through your earbuds and with this single, and all that came before, you will be forever hooked to their brand of incredible indie rock.

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