Tuesday’s Best Tracks

Oldboy – “Calling Out”

Sounds like this are needed in the fall. “Calling Out” is fun, clever, and layered with delightful elements like handclaps and vocals. There is an immediate George Ezra vibe we appreciate, but there is definitely something different about Oldboy. He has a sweetness that harkens ears to the 1970’s in the best way possible. Lyrically, it will surprise you as well with both striking and funny illustrations.

The Sloe Sippers – “Gasoline”

Few artists have this level of craftsmanship. The sound of The Sloe Sippers is mature, emotive, and has an incredible amount of heart. Mixed with country and Americana elements, “Gasoline” even has a bit of Springsteen style songwriting. The sound is definitely American and at points, shows a brilliance we sift through music for hours in search of. It is honest and needed in this point of our collective musical exploration.

Alae – “All Gived Up”

Winning over the likes of Billboard and Rolling Stone, this New Zealand act is back with their debut album, Henry St. The band has more than a few strengths, but the soulful vocals are the first to hit listeners. The sound that envelops them, including a refreshing harmonica, is full and crackles with band chemistry. “All Gived Up” tells of a band who’s best days are ahead of them.

Leah Nobel – “Slow Burn”

Listeners would be hard pressed to find music more heartfelt than that of songwriter Leah Nobel. Her vocals both lift us up and completely wreck our heart. Her guitar playing is perfect for her style, and complements her sonic atmosphere well, but her vocals are what drew us to her music. And this was immediate. There is an honest earnestness to her sound that is refreshing. “I specifically chose questions that would bypass small talk,” explains Nobel, “which meant my interviewee and I were plunged into vulnerability off the bat. Sometimes it was uncomfortable for both of us- but that’s where the magic happens. Many people thought their lives weren’t ‘exciting enough’ to warrant an interview. But I wasn’t ever looking for excitement, I was looking for truth.” We take pride in the artists we cover – these are endorsements. As writers, we are music fans first. The music of Leah Nobel speaks of what we value here, and we are more than happy to tell the world about her incredible talent. You need her music in your life.

Oliver Proudfoot – “Did You Hear About Mercy?”

Australia based singer songwriter Oliver Proudfoot was a welcomed musical discovery of ours recently. His sense of melody and heart are something one does not learn, but is given by some outer force. We especially appreciate the way he intertwines spiritual themes with relational songwriting. There is something undeniably special happening within “Did You Hear About Mercy?” and we loved it immediately. In a certain sense, it is Americana. It shares the same songwriting style and lyrical play that makes the genre so valuable. Yet, there are shades of other sounds and identity within it, like the outro which speaks a little more pop. Whatever it is classified as, we think you are bound to love it incredibly.

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