Your Tuesday Mix

Bjorn Rydhog – “Sunshine”

With the summer coming to its inevitable close, we still find ourselves grasping for a few more tunes that capture the season’s magic. Sweden’s own singer songwriter provides it here with a melancholy but uplifting ode to summer and love. The artist has crafted a beautiful blend of sound and life within the few brief moments of the track. It is a delicately crafted single that seems to get better and surprise listeners as it develops. Whether it be the strings or the mini electric guitar solo, even the instruments tell a story here. Maybe summer doesn’t have to leave.

Benjamin’s Brother – “Not Easy”

We have always loved this act and thought they have been almost criminally under appreciated, but with “Not Easy”, we think the band might just have found their breakout. With near heartbreaking piano, the track unfolds with intimate care and soul lifting vocals that are in their own category of talent. The act have always had a flare for dramatic story telling and affecting music videos, but this one is one of their most epic. The song alone is incredible, but paired with the visual art makes it a well-crafted piece of artistic splendor that we are sure you will love. We hope this will help to further push them into the larger fanbase they deserve.

An Old Friend – “Lady”

If you are wondering what “Alternative” sounds like in 2018, then here is a prime example. “Lady” shows a band who shows perfect restraint while authentically crafting a layered rock sound that dips into other genres – like post rock and even pop – without losing it’s direction. We have always had a soft spot for music videos of band performances and this one gives us everything we love and admire without being too much. Be on the lookout for their new EP I Am, I Was for further explorations in modern day rock.

Farewell Company – “Gulf Breeze Motel”

We don’t know how someone cannot immediately fall in love with this track. The six-piece Nashville act recently released their Waiting on Anything LP which is equal parts neo soul and rock blues. Fans of The Record Company and the revival they are a part of, will definitely be excited to hear a new favorite band. The steel guitar parts are warm and inviting while the vocal parts are extremely engaging and heart rattling. Farewell Company might just be one of our favorite discoveries of 2018.

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