A Beautiful Blend of Tuesday Grooves

Liza – “1 Girl, 2 Cups” / “Vladimir”

You know when you are listening to the music of Liza. There is something strangely haunting about how the artist crafts tracks. With no expediency or rush, they make music that clings to souls and airbuds with a creative energy that is almost indescribable. “1 Girl, 2 Cups” builds in energy, saving the most dynamic elements for last. While “Vladimir” begins with a bigger dynamic, complete with XX style guitar echo before finding a dark and compelling groove. Liza blends sounds and genres you may have heard before in a way that is unique and refreshing. We were thrilled to come across these tracks.

Harvey Trisdale – “Fit to be Found”

Founded in Ohio, this act now splits time between the East and West coasts, but their Midwestern spirit and work ethic has stayed with them. On “Fit to be Found”, the guys craft a sharp and lyrically dynamic piece of pop tinted folk rock. The song is criminally too short, as we were really getting into the groove and waiting for another build in vain. Have no fear however, the band is set to release an album in July, which is sure to give us more tracks to adore.

DNMO – “Rogue” (featuring AKACIA)

The electro beat on this is solid and seemed like a surefire “need to cover” from first start. The vocals of AKACIA are smooth, seductive, and ridiculously gripping. Great artists can find the perfect voice to narrate their sound, and DNMO did just this on “Rogue”. It is even more incredible when you realize that the DJ/Artist/Producer is only 16. This one has garnered much deserved notoriety from tastemakers and we continue to have it on a steady stream of playbacks. We are confident you will dig this one just as much as we have.

Big Data – “See Through” (feat L1ZY)

Speaking of electro pop, there are few acts as dynamic, and popular, as Big Data. After the debut release 2.0, the act is back with “See Through”, the first track off the soon to be released 3.0. The act is rare in that they balance sound and lyrics in a way few acts in the genre can. It is dynamic while being endearing. Listeners who crave better hooks and lyrics, will appreciate the form of Big Data. Of course, if you just want to dance, then they have beats for days.

Lovehoney – “Open Door”

So this track is notably different than anything else on this list. Two things you need to know about the act: first, they aren’t huge fans of sterilizing their sound with fancy production. You can tell on “Open Door” that their first priority is to rock with grit and soul. Second, the band takes inspiration from Rick James biographies. The band has learned a lot from the late artist’s craft and business savvy. While the vocals could still use a little more production, they are perfect for their sound. As it is, the entire track is a two-minute soul burner with instrumentals that could peel the paint off your crummy office walls.

Saba Abraha – “Do’s and Dont’s”

This Ethiopian artist has worldly sound that grabbed our attention immediately. The blends of sound mixed with her incredible vocal delivery make for a near perfect track. Garnering praise from the likes of NPR, Billboard, and Tidal, the artist is preparing to release an EP which is sure to be as sultry and soulful as her two singles. This one has the feel of a hit, and Saba Abraha has the sound of a mainstay in the larger music scene.

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