2 Soulful Tracks Your Thursday Needs

Balkan Bump – “Aymo” feat. Talib Kweli

We have covered Balkan Bump before, and with every release our affinity grows. Mixing worldly electronic sounds with traditional instrumentation, the art produced is unlike anything else we cover. Combine that with one of the most respected rappers around, Talib Kweli, and you have us sold out. Kweli takes an already explosive track and makes it highly contagious. He does not attempt to push too many lyrics in; he simply lets them come freely. This is the expression of a master craftsman. If you like to move and feel empowered when you insert your ear buds into your weary head, then this is your jam.

Bentley Caldwell – “The Place That I Call Home” (feat. Virghost)

We have been turned on to the soulful sounds of this artist recently and we cannot get enough. A poignant and relevant track, Caldwell describes the song as expressing what it’s like being black in America and the struggles we still face today.” It has a great layering with the artist’s incredible guitar playing, and comes to an incendiary climax with the lyrics of Virghost. It unfolds like a prayer while blending soul with gospel in a beautiful mix of expression. Bentley Caldwell is a voice that needs to be heard, and he most definitely has our attention from now on.

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