Massachusetts’ Copilot Provides a Wide and Captivating Sound for Everyone

The music of Massachusetts act Copilot is fun, expansive, and highly relatable. The band seems like they could be your next-door neighbors or friendly baristas at your favorite coffee shop. It is in this that the band’s strength lays. Listeners cannot help but root for the band with the genre busting sound. Their ability to bounce between pop, Americana, and rock are reminiscent of Lake Street Dive and bands like that who have an uncanny ability to play in whatever style they wish. This similarity is blaringly obvious on “Where Do You Go”. Laying down a soft start before launching into a classic vintage sound that will have you dancing in your cubicle.


“Disappointment: In The Form Of Love” starts with a glorious piece of guitar work and delivers powerhouse vocals from Maggie Quealy. The band chemistry is palpable on this one especially as frontman Ry McDonald helps with the vocal duties as well. This particular track helps to show just how layered, as well as energetic their sound is.

“Kissing & Cursing” has a Footloose intro before giving McDonald space to showcase his intricate pop vocals that could be cousin to Jason Mraz. A perfectly titled track, “Kissing and Cursing” further endears the band to a larger audience who are sure to take away something from the band’s engaging sound.

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