The 3 Best Tracks of This Week

JNNA – “Waking Up With You”

The brand of Electro Pop that this LA artist creates is nothing short of captivating. The maturity and restraint shown on this track is incredible and exactly what it needs. Instead of trying to impress listeners with swelling sounds and overwhelming synth, she prefers a more measure approach that will win over listeners of all genres. “Waking Up With You” is a can’t miss track.

Down and Outlaws – “Imposter”

Do you hear that? There is a certain Black Rebel Motorcycle Club vibe to it that is contagious. Yet, the band are anything but imposters on this slow burning track. The San Francisco blues-rock act are preparing to release a gem of an EP entitled Bad Radio. They have already licensed songs for movie soundtracks and video games and will continue gain attention with their blend of dirty guitar and infectious drums. For those of you who are afraid that rock is dead, here comes your confident proof in the contrary.

Tuvaband – “Trees”

Fresh off a wave of well-deserved praise for their releases so far, the Norwegian duo are prepping a highly anticipated EP. The act draws inspiration for the track from the current destruction of the planet. While gaining comparisons to Laura Marling and The Staves, Tuvaband craft delicate and poignant sounds that lull and lyrics that ignite. Of their many strengths, the vocals are increasingly praise worthy. Their mix of folk, electro, and minimalism is something not to miss.

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