The Three Best Tracks We Heard From This (Or Any) Week

Katie Herzig – “Strangers”

Strangers’ is one of the first songs I wrote for the new album,” Herzig explains. “Over time I fell in love with the simplicity and chillness of this song and wanted it to be the first on my record. Lyrically it digs into that vague feeling of discontentment that can chase us around in life, even when we have every reason to be content. I think when I wrote this song I was finding my way through that heaviness, but what I loved most about the song is that it felt like it knew how to get to me the other side of it. It gave me comfort over and over again as I worked on it and listen to it now.Moment of Bliss is her sixth album and it shows. Her dynamic songwriting and maturity shines in “Strangers”. Recently, the criminally underexposed Herzig even gained an Emmy nomination for her song “Morse Code” that was created for the Netflix series “The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show”. The Nashville artist has a rare gift of connecting with multiple audiences and generations. If you’re not hip to her sound yet, do not delay in listening to a talented artist in the midst of her best work.

Veronica Bianqui – “Victim”

If you do not like this song, you might want to check yourself for a pulse. There is so much to dig about the songwriter, where do we begin? The LA touring artist has made a name for herself in her band The Blank Tapes and we have a feeling she will explode into a larger musical consciousness with her debut solo album due out next year. She seamlessly weaves in and out of garage rock, dipping into ‘60’s pop, and even shows a small jazz sparkle that together, forms one of the hippest and most intriguing sounds we have heard this year. Sonically speaking, “Victim” transports us to a sun-drenched beach, but lyrically there is a personal meaning behind it. With the current state of the opioid epidemic and the recent death of her sister who struggled with addiction, Bianqui felt compelled to write the track and donate 100% of proceeds to Harm Reduction Coalition. “I wrote this song when I started discovering how being emotionally co-dependent has negatively affected my life by creating a pattern of self-victimization. Now, to me, it represents the hope for addicts to escape from their cycle of addiction. I hope it serves as inspiration for addicts and their loved ones around the world that you can put your foot down and change—that you don’t have to be a victim, like my sister—and so many millions of others—unfortunately have been.” Like we said, there is too much to love about this songwriter.

Macy Todd – “In Like With You”

We cannot get enough of the new soul sounds of Macy Todd. Yes, we realize she will get comparisons to Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray, but do not be mistaken, her sound is completely her own. She is able to craft and croon with the best songwriters currently creating. “In Like With You” is a fun and confident exploration of pop empowerment. She is an incredible singer who also bounces into a spoken word and almost rap verses on the track. It is a refreshing take on the standard pop love song complete with an orchestral sound that will give you all the feels. Macy Todd has a dynamic sound that will force you to dance and groove and is good enough to attract listeners by the thousands. To say we ‘like’ her, could be the biggest understatement ever. Do not sleep on this one.

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