Arson Daily: A Double Feature on a NC Rock Act With High Ambition and Talent

This take no prisoner rock act from North Carolina is exactly what the genre needs. The three-piece blends classic rock a la the 1970’s with timeless blues riffs and howls to craft an incredibly engaging and swaying sound. They have a flare for dynamic waves of noise and lyrics that tread confidently on the stereotypical style lyrics while busting out into its own territory. The result is one of the signature sounds of NC rock and perhaps one of our favorite from this year (or perhaps any year). In “Last Call”, we find the band impressively building their resume while lead vocalist/guitarist Zach Dunham showcases his impressive range that has shades of Wolfmother and Robert Plant. Band chemistry is a definite strength as drummer Adam McLean continues to keep a classic beat before exploding in a wave of sound by the end that will have listeners shaking and jiving. The bass of Quincy Platt is understated but carries the song in a way that is unique to the act. There were times we got lost in his groove alone.

The good vibes are continued in “Tell Me”, which is more of a garage rock anthem accompanied by the perfect amount of handclaps. While providing a cocky rock sound of their predecessors, the band are highly relatable and possess an every man quality listeners will appreciate. This jam is a little more playful than the previous track but equally as thumping and impressive.

Keep an ear out for these guys. They are sure to continue to make waves with their new EP.

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