Quick Hits: Samuel Jack and Danny Starr – Two Dynamic Singer Songwriters You Need to Hear

Samuel Jack – “Refugee

There is something refreshingly confident in the sound of this UK songwriter. Mixing a perfect blend of blues, soul, and classic rock, Jack is able to tell a story without leaving a catchy sound behind. It is no coincidence that he is releasing this track in the midst of the climate we find ourselves in. This shows the artist’s ability to carefully layer meaning and memory into his tightly woven tunes. It is a bluesy pop track with a purpose, and these are the most dangerous kinds of art.

Danny Starr – “Ease My Mind”

Sometimes multiple rugby injuries are a blessing in disguise. This English artist was forced from the sport and drawn to his back up love of music. His interesting mix of folk, pop, rock, and even blues reminds us of The Kooks and the Arctic Monkeys and may make you forget that he is only 18 years old. “Ease My Mind” reminds us of Ryan Adams a la his underappreciated Rock N Roll album mixed with a little Phantom of the Opera style drama. He has a mature way of telling the familiar love lost narrative that exceeds his time on this planet. We love this guy here at Ear to the Ground, and are positive you will too.

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